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Elite St. Herbstbluete

Elite Stallion Hibiskus – With a current ZW Dressage of 134, has consistently been in the top 5% of all Dressage stallions in Germany.
Hibiskus was the Vice Champion of his licensing in Neumuenster and was commented by Lars Gehrmann with ; The positive elements in his Pedigree with influence of Father Latimer and Grandfather Hohenstein in combination with the double influence of Caprimond blending in this Vice Champion to create excellent Type. Trakehner Nobility and Glanz combined with high quality movement in walk, trot and canter with energetic impulsion and elevation.
At his 30 day Performance test in Schlieckau in 2003 Hibiskus had 8.61 in the Dressage and was the second best of all 30 participating stallions; His character and temperament were noted with 9.0 and his willingness was worth a 10 from the judges!
The 70 day Performance Test was accomplished in Redefin in 2005, where he was the best in the Dressage of all in the field of 16 stallions.

The Dam line is an aknowleged producer of top quality Sport horses in the Trakehner Breed. Herzruf the sire of Ulla Salzgebers Top Dressage horse Herzrufs Erbe, or showjumper Hirtentanz,TSF the only Trakehner to this day accepted by the Holsteiner Breeding association. Halfbrother Finkenstein TSF by Latimer was a member of the Danish dressage team at the world Championships in Tryon 2018! Hibiskus is a stallion who gives a strong and correct conformation with good bone. He makes easy going rideability,and top character.His foals are very often dark, no chestnuts have been known until now, however when paired with color he can produce paints or pinto. Hibiskus has six registered sons, and many Premium or Statepremium daughters. His breeder was one of the most influential Trakehner breeders after WW2, Veronika von Schöning.
In 2013 he returned to the Dressage show arena under Nicole Raili and was highly successful with wins and placings up to advanced ** level.
A Stallion and his offspring which Unify the Trakehner with modern Dressage sport !

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