Terms and Conditions and Stud REGULATIONS 2021

By placing your semen order, you accept the stud regulations, payment conditions and the insemination contract; if you stable your mare with us, you also accept our terms and conditions with regard to insemination and stabling. Details of these are displayed in the mares’ stable. If you have your mare covered for the first time, you must provide a copy of the pedigree certificate and/or breeding permit form of your association at the time of breeding. A swab test is required before insemination can take place.

The breeding season starts on 15 February & ends on 01. September.

• We are happy to present studs to interested breeders. Please phone in advance to make an appointment.
• Stalls with regular paddock access are provided for our visiting mares booked for insemination. Daily livery rate for mares w/o foal: € 20.00, with foal: € 25.00.
• If you are not using one of our own studs we charge the following processing fee per heat: € 100.00 for fresh semen / € 150.00 for frozen semen. Veterinarians’ costs are billed separately.

In order to ensure optimal deliveries, please note the following:
1. Semen orders for the following day can be placed from Monday to Friday until 10.00 am, on Saturday until 9.00 am. For shipments abroad please order by 8.30 am. Please order by phone only. Our number: +49 (0) 85 61 / 14 00. When placing an online order/order via mail or fax, we will call you back to confirm, only then does the order become valid.
Please note: No shipping on Sundays and public holidays. Nevertheless, collection in person is possible on these days. Your delivery will be ready for you from 1 and 5 pm.
2. We usually ship a maximum of 3 portions of fresh semen per heat and provide you with semen for 3 heat cycles in the particular breeding season.This excludes frozen semen (TG-semen).
3. The stud fee is due at the time of your initial order unless the conditions state that the stallion of your choice requires advance payment, and offers. Additional shipments are only made once the due fees for that order have been received. If we have not received gestation/non-gestation confirmation 8 weeks after the semen shipment, successful gestation is assumed and the additional gestation fee automatically becomes due and will be invoiced. After 15 September all remaining gestations fees will automatically become due and will be invoiced.
4. With every delivery you receive two copies of the semen documentation form for each portion. This should be checked by you, filled out and signed by your vet and one copy per semen portion returned to us by the mare holder within one week (email or fax is fine).
5. The broodmare holder must return the last semen documentation form to us before 15 September.
6. You may only produce one foal per stud fee. If an additional mare is being inseminated, all relevant information must be submitted to us without delay and the stud fee for that mare will be invoiced. Where frozen semen is used, the mare owner agrees to return to the keeper of the stallion any unused portions of frozen semen within 14 days after successful fertilisation has been confirmed, with any costs or risks remaining with the mare owner.
7. Veterinary confirmation of non-gestation must be provided as evidence and submitted no later than 15 September in the year of breeding. In case no evidence is received, the provision becomes invalid and the gestation fee becomes due.
8. Shipping costs vary according to destination and are charged to the person placing the order. Please call our office for more detailed information. For deliveries of frozen semen using one of our freezer boxes we charge a € 80 rental fee, which includes liquid nitrogen.
9. Please return the transport and freezer containers by mail within 3 days (postage paid by you). In case of freezer boxes, we reserve the right to organise their return at the expense of the mare holder after these 3 days have passed.
10. We are using an external freight company for the delivery of your order. Hengststation Bachl cannot be held liable for the timely delivery of your order.
11. If you are inseminating your mare with semen from your own horses we require the insemination certificate prior to the first insemination.
12. Hongkong B: The invoice of the stud fee of this offer is sent after the birth of an alive foal and is then to be paid within 10 days.

Our office must be informed in writing before playing your semen order for embryo transfer, including details of the veterinarian/embryo transfer center that you will use. If more than one embryo is flushed from the uterus, the first partial instalment of the stud fee becomes due retrospectively for every successful flushing. If no embryo is found, you can re-order semen for this mare (for no more than 3 heat cycles in total). To do that, you must provide a full report from the veterinarian/embyro transfer centre after every flushing. Here too, the gestation fee will become due 8 weeks after insemination for each gestation of a surrogate mare. Two weeks after the last flushing of this mare, the mare owner has to submit as evidence a complete report from the vet or embryo transfer clinic with information about the number of flushes and the number of successfully or unsuccessfully implanted embryos for each mare.
Our office must be informed in writing before selling on any embryos. This triggers the second part of the stud fee for each embryo. The embryo must not be sold on before this second part of the fee has been paid.

Sale of frozen semen portions: please contact our office.
ICSI and other advanced reproductive techniques: special provisions apply. Our semen may only be used with these techniques after coordination with our office and after concluding a written agreement.

1. Invoices: The published stud fees are inclusive of VAT and are due no later than 10 days after the invoice date. This does not apply to stud fees that require advance payment. Where possible, invoices will be sent by email. Late payments incur a reminder fee and any collection changes that may occur in and out of court. You can only redeem one discount or voucher per invoice. If an invoice that includes a discount is not paid on time, the discount becomes invalid.
2. Shipments abroad require advance payment of the complete stud fees, shipping costs and the certificate by the official veterinarian. This equally applies to customers with a non-German address. All bank charges must be paid by the mare holder. In case of an unsuccessful insemination we can only provide you with a voicher for the second part of the payment, if the unsuccessful insemination is confirmed until October 1 of the current breeding season.
3. If a stallion is unavailable for certain reasons (e.g. competition, illness), frozen sperm can be used or an alternative stallion can be offered.
4. To change an invoice or the breeding permit to a new breeder we require a written declaration by both the old and the new breeder and charge € 20.00 for the amendment. The stud fee remains the obligation of the broodmare holder/breeder placing the order.
5. At the end of the breeding season and once all required documentation has been received and all costs have been settled, we provide you with a breeding certificate to notify your breeding association of the birth.
6. Hengststation Bachl is unable to provide a guarantee for gestation.
7. The following bank account should be used for all payments:

Bank name: UniCredit
IBAN: DE517432 0073 6610 1103 53

Court of jurisdiction: Eggenfelden
EU semen collection centre KBP 023-EWG

Additional/change from 11.04.2020

Adaptation of the terms conditions and stud regulations : measure to support breeders in connection with the Covid19 pandemic for 2020. 

From 11 April 2020, orders of fresh semen will be sold by the stallion Taycan B with the special agreement: payment of the stud fee at the birth of your living foal. This measure is intended to support breeders.
The breeder have to report the birth of the resulting foal within 48 hours. If the breeder fails to report his live-born foal to the stallion station Bachl, a fine of 2.000 euros will be levied in addition to the stud fee to be paid. Shipping costs and possible costs for health certificates (traces) when shipping abroad must be paid immediately after receipt of the invoice.
All previous provisions remain valid.