February 21, 2021

B-Stallions 2021

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Caretello B

This impressive stallion is 33 years old and we enjoy it every day. Caretello B was highly successful in top-class sport and has produced numerous offspring who have drawn attention to themselves with constant performance in international, national and also in amateur and youth sports. Memories of Camirez B under Markus Merschformann / GER, who was one of the most profitable horses of his year worldwide, Curley Sue Vice World Champion of Young Horses under René Tebbel or Candyman European Champion of Children under Stella Egger / AUT are just three examples of his long list successful offspring. A very special stallion, who has already delighted many with his offspring, and has caused quite a few cheers as you can see in the pictures.

Detailed information, photos and other videos can be found here: https://hengststation-bachl.de/vererber/caretello-b/