The Bachl family business
More than a stallion station

Our stud Hengststation Bachl is synonymous with fine “B sires” and with youngsters that can be admired in numerous competitions, sporting pedigrees that stand out from the crowd.

Here you can discover that our family business has a lot more to offer.

The insemination centre

The insemination centre offers advice on how to plan the mating and is in charge of the sale and distribution of fresh and frozen semen of the stallions standing at the Bachl stud.

Our mares’ stable allows us to provide insemination management with all requisite veterinary services.

Training and exercise

Training and exercise has been an integral part of our business for two generations now. We take our time with the training of young horses. Our experience is your advantage: to live up to this motto, we provide a range of services that includes preparing horses for grading, breaking-in, exercising and presentation at competitions.

We offer special conditions for offspring of our own stallions.

Production and distribution of fresh and frozen semen von Frisch- und Tiefgefriersamen

Besides producing fresh and frozen semen from your stallion with all the required health certificates, we also offer semen storage in our equine sperm bank and can ship both fresh and frozen semen.
We offer this service not only for semen produced from our own stallions, but also that from other stallions.


Another pillar of our business is the acquisition and sale of showjumping youngsters, performance horses, foals and broodmares. Our professionalism and expert knowledge mean that we have many happy customers coming back time and again.
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Care and boarding

You can board your horse at the Bachl stud for raising. We have small herds with no more than eight horses.

In summer, horses are kept on grazing land day and night. Daily checks and the provision of mineral supplements, hay or silage are part of our standard service.

During the winter months, horses are kept in large, open barns. They are turned out daily to either pastures or paddock. Horses may roam or jump freely as agreed with the owner. They are cared for and have personal contact every day. Feeding takes place three times a day with grains, minerals, silage/hay.

We strive to guarantee a high standard of care, because we know that good care is essential for the development of every sport horse.