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Van Deyk

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The Trakehner Stallion Market 2022 featured a very special stallion personality: the imposing black stallion Haffruf not only showcased his impressive athletic performance in the arena, but he also impressed the judges with his pedigree. He boasts top-class genes: his sire is Grand Prix winner Zauberdeyk, whose sire Van Deyk was himself one of the most successful German Grand Prix stallions during his active time with Dorothee Schneider, also at international level. Then there is the maternal grandsire Kentucky, who has produced advanced (S) level dressage winners and great daughters. In the first generation, Haffruf’s pedigree therefore combines three top horses celebrated in both sport and breeding. They are joined in the third generation by the elite stallion Michelangelo, also successful in advanced (S) level dressage competitions and highly renowned as the sire of numerous Grand Prix heroes. “Zauberdeyk’s first licensed son impresses as one of the largest and strongest stallions of the licensing year with his colossal conformation and modelling. His strong shoulder with comfortable withers contributes to the fact that he was born with a natural uphill momentum, which he puts to use in a very calm manner. This gives him an opulent appearance and, despite his size and frame, he always remains balanced and securely in step when moving. These characteristics are genetically supported by his valuable combined pedigree” (Lars Gehrmann, Director of the Trakehner Breeding Association, 2022).

ZAUBERDEYK, the sire of Haffruf, is an effective ambassador of his paternal line, which is characterised by highly athletic performance. This line is also prominently represented by the elite stallion VAN DEYK, one of the best dressage horses in Germany for many years with Dorothee Schneider, as well as by the legendary riding horse sire IBIKUS. Zauberdeyk proved both toughness and heart with successes in CIC** competitions and then went on to win advanced (S***) level dressage tests and place highly in Grand Prix competitions. The maternal grandsire KENTUCKY is a former licensing champion and has a reputation as a main sire: numerous daughters enrich the entire population as top mares, including mare-of-the-year champion Emma Peel, but also advanced (S) level dressage winners such as the impressive Krone. Haffruf’s line is rooted in the Bussard daughter HERBSTZEIT, born in 1942 at the main stud in Trakehnen, and thus has its origins in the legendary black herd of Gurdszen from the defunct main stud. With the help of Veronika von Schöning, the unforgotten grand old dame of Trakehner breeders, the Herbstzeit daughter HERBSTBLÜTE founded an independent, flourishing mare dynasty, which now counts among the particularly valuable breeding heritage of the Trakehner breed as a whole. Haffruf is closely related to the highly remunerated performance stallion Herzruf, the elite stallion Hirtentanz, successful in countless advanced (S) level showjumping tests, the advanced (S) level dressage winner Hibiskus, the advanced (S) level dressage horses Herbstzauber, Heinrich der Welfe and Hirtenglanz. Haffruf has proven that he lives up to the high standards that are expected of him as a result of his noble athletic genes, which, even at a young age, he is filling with life through his great rideability and exemplary willingness to perform. The three-year-old stallion and his trainer and rider Friederike “Hexe” Schulz-Wallner are looking forward to a promising career in the big arena.

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