November 3, 2020

B Stallions on Tour

Taycan B (BG .: Bachl / Holy) by Cicero Z x Balou de Rouet, confidently wins the overall ranking of all 4 year old horses at Gut Winkelacker / Ingolstadt and secures the jackpot of the Feinfix company.

At the well-organized tournament with an exemplary hygiene concept by the Bieler / Kohrock family, our youngster stallion won both the free jumping with a grade of 9.5 in all 3 sub-areas and the show jumping test under the saddle with an 8.6.

It was Taycan B’s first public appearance after his exam a year ago.

It was consciously ensured that it remains a cautious training path after the licensing and the test, which he mastered with flying colors at the age of 3.

A stallion in which we have great hopes for the future.

Photo: Herrmann