February 1, 2022

Dein Erbe

The celebrated Reserve winner of the Trakehner licensing by Neumünster will be in the season
2022 to continue the tradition with Trakehner breeding at Bachl.
Shepherd’s Dance, Singolo, Exorbitant XX, Hawk. This is where sport meets the
Origins of the Trakehner breed. Many great sport horses are already out
emerged from these mare dynasties.

Breeder Philipp von Schöning named the Hirtentanz son DEIN ERBE as one
Homage to the deceased breeder Veronika von Schöning, who the two
valuable and highly successful breeding lines and on the same day as
it was the Hirtentanz son’s birthday. Philipp von Schöning has these two
Breeding lines are now very successfully combined here with your heritage.

We look forward to working with Beate Heise (owner) and this
very special athletic stallion.

Fotos Dr. Peter Richterich
All the Information about DEIN ERBE can be found here: